Citilink Announces Grant from AWS Foundation Towards Paratransit Software

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Woman with a disability smiling while riding a public bus.

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Citilink is excited to announce a grant that has been generously provided by AWS Foundation to help with the purchase of new paratransit software for our Access riders that will provide them with an app on their phones for scheduling and real-time tracking of their rides.

Pam Schieber, Citilink’s Director of Operations, stated “We’re excited for the opportunity to update our technology to provide a more efficient service to our riders that gives them more transparency and real- time location updates of their bus.”

This $50,000 grant will cover 25% of the cost of the software, which will allow our Access riders the freedom to book their own trips. It will also provide real-time data and notifications for both drivers and riders alike, as well as create new pathways for Citilink to better serve our community.

“We’re happy with this new scheduling software to be able to provide our riders with an app that grants them more freedom to schedule their rides at any time of the day,” said Tyierra Martin, Customer Service/Paratransit Mobility Manager with Citilink.

AWS Foundation’s mission is to help children and adults with enduring intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities live as independently as possible. With one of their priority initiatives being to expand transportation, this gracious grant allows for the pursuit of opportunities for accessible and affordable transportation to increase access to locations throughout the community for these individuals.

“Citilink Access services can be the primary mode of transportation for some with disabilities,” said AWS Foundation CEO, Patti Hays. “This software increases the accessibility of this vital service thus enhancing independence for the riders.”

Citilink is excited to continue our work on this project so we can continue to provide high-quality access to our community. We are grateful to AWS Foundation for their continued support and for understanding our important role in creating access to opportunities.