Empowering A Community

The disability world is constantly evolving. Our role in fostering dialogue and collaboration across Northeast Indiana is critical to advancing not only our mission, but opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We are excited to continue our role in the empowerment of a whole community of people with disabilities through funding programs and services that raise awareness and ensure that the rights and needs of individuals with disabilities are met and maintained.

We see more tolerance and understanding that were all different
but our needs are very much the same.

Inclusive Venues

Hosted by AWS Foundation, a group of community venues began meeting to make Northeast Indiana public events more inclusive every day, not just during special sensory-focused events. Sharing their experiences to learn from each other, this group is effectively building a set of actionable sensory-friendly techniques to help every public event and venue become more accessible and enjoyable for all people all the time.

Miscellaneous Activities & Events

Buddy Benches

Designed by 10 local artists were introduced to area playgrounds to help teach the importance of friendship and inclusion at an early age.

#Giving Tuesday

11 disability service providers are invited to participate in Giving Tuesday, a campaign to promote philanthropy and donations matched each year by AWS Foundation.

Sensory-Friendly Kits

Recognizing a need for sensory-friendly kits to be available at local venues. The goal is to help sensory-sensitive individuals relax and enjoy concerts, plays, festivals and other community events without becoming overwhelmed by loud noises, bright lights and close spaces. Kits were developed and made available at no cost for use at several major public venues in Northeast Indiana. The popularity of these kits sent a message that inclusion was attainable through collaboration and minor alterations to programming. Popular destinations now offer Sensory-Friendly Kits, making outings more enjoyable and possible for families. (War Memorial Coliseum, Embassy Theatre, Grand Wayne Center, Arts Untied, Parkview Field, Sweet Breeze Canal Boat and others.)

Annual TinCaps Game

Each season, AWSF hosts nearly 1,000 people with disabilities and their caregivers at the Fort Wayne TinCaps day game. Too often people with disabilities lack the necessary resources to attend events and participate in the community. For many, this highly anticipated annual outing may be the only time its possible to attend a game.

Fort Wayne Tin Caps