Files for Download

We are proud to provide FREE Special Needs Safety information for kids.

Neighbor Letter

This letter requests that neighbors watch out for a child with special needs. It gives details to help identify the child and tells what neighbors can do if they see the child alone.

Please Help Me Form

Use this form as a way to introduce a child with special needs to strangers when he or she gets lost. It provides contact information for the caregiver as well as steps to take if the child is alone.

Teacher/Caregiver Letter

This is an example of a letter to give to your childs teacher or caregiver to let them know more about your child if they tend to wander. This information will help them keep your child safe.

Alert for Missing Child with a Disability

The details on this form can help emergency crews and search parties find a missing child.

Safety in the Home List

This list gives advice from parents about how to keep homes safe for kids with disabilities.

Family Emergency Planning Guide

This guide gives steps to take to prepare for emergencies before they happen. People with disabilities and those who support them can both learn from this guide.

Wandering Emergency Plan

This emergency plan helps caregivers make a plan of what to do if a child in their care is missing. It outlines steps to take and who to contact.

Wandering Safety Checklist

This list helps caregivers think about ways to keep their child safe. It provides steps to take at home, at school, and more.