Northeast Indiana has several opportunities to engage in the community with support for those with sensory sensitivities. Whether with our help or all on their own, more and more organizations are adding this inclusive practice. As organizations become sensory friendly, we will update this list accordingly.

Sensory Kits

We partnered with local event venues to house sensory kits at each location that can be checked out during an event. These kits include items that can make someone with sensory sensitivities more comfortable in a stimulating environment. Our hope with these kits is that more families feel welcome to attend community activities that they may otherwise avoid for fear of over stimulation of a loved one.

Kits can be checked out at events in the following locations:

  • Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
  • Arts United Center
  • Embassy Theatre
  • Grand Wayne Convention Center
  • Parkview Field

Sensory Friendly Events

These organizations have made special accommodations in performances and activities to fit the needs of those with sensory sensitivities. If you would like to know more about what they offer, follow the links below or contact them directly.