FINDER: The Right Tool for the Job

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My husband and I enjoy do-it-yourself projects. For us, these are the kind of simple decorating, building and remodeling projects done around our home that bring us joy and increase the value of our home. Some projects go smoothly. Others, not so much. One of the most important things weve learned over the years is that when we have the right tools, we are more successful in our endeavor with less effort and stress involved. The right tools make a positive difference. So what does using the right tool for the job look like when trying to find answers to disability-related questions and locate services close to where you live?

Indiana Disability Resource FINDER is a new online tool specifically designed to connect people with disability-related programs, services and supports in their local community located anywhere in Indiana. Its free and can create a customized list of resources based on a persons unique situation and needs. FINDER is easy to use. It can support first-time users with a step-by-step guide, or for those more experienced users, it has advanced search features. Regardless of how information is located, search results are immediately available, can be saved for future use and shared.

Like any tool, the more we use it and the better its maintained, the more valuable it becomes over time. It develops into the go to tool that we rely on most to complete many different jobs. In addition to its existing content, Indiana Disability Resource FINDERis designed to give each of us the opportunity to submit new information and report changes needed to an existing listing that may benefit others. All of the information and resources shared are reviewed, verified and approved before they are published to ensure their accuracy and value. Promoting collaboration and sharing user feedback supports inclusion of opportunities and resources of all sizes and types from every community state-wide.

As my husband and I find more projects, it becomes more important than ever to build our knowledge and skills to complete each job. Having the right tool for the job gives us an advantage. When faced with challenges to help people of all abilities find the answers they need, having FINDER in our toolbox gives us the advantage we need to get the job done!

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