The Mighty Money request limit has been increased to $5,000. This will allow us to better support those small requests in a timely manner. There are only a couple of extra questions, but still a small, easy application process with decision within a month. If you have any questions about Mighty Money, reach out to Andie Mosley (260-207-5769 or


Our recent strategic planning process identified areas in which we could support your work outside of grantmaking. Providing educational opportunities for our grantee organizations was a top priority found in our surveys and focus groups. To implement more educational opportunities for your organizations, we are moving to three grant cycles.

Great thought and planning went in to selecting a cycle to eliminate and we have decided to remove the winter cycle (funded in February of each year). With holidays and vacations, we found that this time of year was most difficult on our grant applicants.

If you typically apply in the winter cycle, we will work with you to move you to a different quarter. The LOI and application timeframes will remain the sameā€”as posted on our website for spring, summer and fall grant cycles.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either Joni Schmalzried (260-207-5656, or Mandy Drakeford (260-207-5794,

Stay well,

Joni Schmalzried and the AWS Foundation Grants Team