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Education & Employment

Authentic College Experience Builds Skills for Life

The pursuit of personal interests and passions can lead to great reward and a lifelong desire to learn. With our community partners by our side, were making significant strides in developing vocational education and employment opportunities that will benefit many.

We all want to feel like were connected and valued for our achievements. The ABLE Program (Achieving Balance in Life through Education) gives high school students with cognitive disabilities a college campus experience when theyre ready to begin transitioning to post-secondary education and independent living.

Developed by Huntington University, the program supports a full-time coordinator to grow and sustain the program, along with paid peer mentors who assist students with auditing classes, completing assignments and making social connections.

Students are on campus throughout the day attending classes, participating in extracurricular activities and cultivating new friendships. Learning to make personal choices, set goals and try new things builds their confidence and desire to pursue more than they ever thought possible, which includes going to college, getting a job and living independently. Program Coordinator Erica Marshall echoes the sentiment, We have found that when we raise our expectations, the ABLE students rise to the occasion.