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Promoting Social Enrichment

Special Abilities Days Enhance Museum Experience for All

Being an active participant in the community is not always a guarantee for individuals with disabilities. Along with our community partners, AWS Foundation works to inspire a sense of belonging and empowerment through inclusive social, recreational and arts programs for all.

Developed by Science Central, The Special Abilities Day series has been a success story since its inception. A groundbreaking initiative, Special Abilities Day is an opportunity for people with alternative learning styles to experience the wonders of science in a supportive, sensory-friendly, interactive and hands-on environment.

With a shared passion for fostering inclusion, Science Central has made modifications to traditional programming to welcome everyone quiet rooms, adjusted light and sound, plus special activities designed to stimulate sensory pathways. Special Abilities Days not only allow Science Central to provide valuable professional development, sparking a broader dialogue among its staff, it has also set an example for teaching centers everywhere. In the enlightened words of the museums Education Director Jenny Young, Strangers interact and differences dissolve.