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Welcome Relief for Vulnerable Homeowners

There is a feeling of freedom that comes with caring for your own needs. With the right modifications in place in a home, a person living with a disability can live more independently. For the caregiver, these accommodations lend peace of mind. For the individual ready for independence, it means a boost in confidence in many areas of life.

What would the future look like if all homeowners had the support they needed to maintain healthy households? If neighbors were connected in positive and practical ways so that whole communities functioned better? With the help of operational funding from AWS Foundation, NeighborLink Fort Wayne continues to connect those equipped with skills and readiness with those at risk of diminished health, isolation and quality of life.

From roof repairs to wheelchair ramp installations, every project type is considered. Even with the wealth of resources poured into the program, there are still no guarantees that a homeowners request will be fulfilled. The good news is, the love of our community is present and the desire to help is always there. With greater awareness and access to volunteer opportunities, more neighbors will meet and more needs will be met.