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I know that it seems like it is impossible to read anything or turn on the TV without hearing about the “P” or “C” word (pandemic and COVID). The world, nation, and our communities are tired. Unlike much of what you read and hear, I promise this is not a political post about vaccines (though, seriously, please get them) or who controls what (my bet is still on the science of it all). I want to take a minute to urge you all to support your local educators.

I am referring to ALL of those in our school systems. Those who keep showing up regardless of who might be sick in their classroom, who might be at an emotional breaking point, or who might be attacking them for who knows what today. I am aware, as I have been told that everyone doesnt see them in the same way as our front-line doctors/nurses, law enforcement, or health care workers. However, I am very aware that they are the ones keeping kids in school, providing a safe and stable place in an unstable world, and supporting parents who are still trying to work in this critically changing environment.

Educators (and I am referring to teachers, administrators, bus drivers, custodians, and support staff) are seeing first-hand the educational, social, and emotional trauma impacting our children. They live it daily. How can you reach out and support them? A note, a call, a small gift card, lunch that might give them a few minutes to breathe. Better yet, let your principals and school board members know how much you value your childs (or grandchilds) teachers. Stand up when they are being micromanaged and devalued.

We often say that our children are our future. Without our teachers, where does that leave our future?