Taste of the Arts Returns August 26

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Image of text that says 'Don't miss Taste of the Arts, Saturday, August 26 11am - 6pm'

Taste of the Arts is an annual festival hosted by Arts United on the arts campus in downtown Fort Wayne. Beloved by many, this free event brings the community together to celebrate the abundance of arts and culture in Northeast Indiana. The festival features twelve stages with over 80 performers, live painting, Artlink art market, local restaurants selling some of the best food in the region, kid’s activities, and more!

Last year, Arts United approached us for funding to increase disability inclusion at Taste of the Arts. They’ve continued to add ideas this year as well. Here are some inclusive things to look forward to, whether you have a disability or not.

  • Shuttles: Because the festival is spread out between the arts campus, Rousseau Plaza, The Landing, and Promenade Park, getting around would be cumbersome for those with limited mobility. These CTN shuttles will make it easier. With six shuttle stops, distance should not be a barrier for you to enjoy all the festival has to offer.
  • Sensory Notices: With a variety of performers throughout the day, some stages may get a little overwhelming for those with sensory sensitivities. The stage schedule and signage near the stage have icons indicating if a performance will be of higher volume.
  • Quiet Space & Headphones: Speaking of sensory sensitivities, accommodations have been made for those who may at some point find the festival overwhelming. A quiet space is marked on the map where you can go to get away from the crowd and overstimulation. You may also check-out noise reducing headphones at the information booth if you need them at any point in the day.
  • Performers with Disabilities: Eight performers/groups will take the stage at Taste of the Arts. They are noted on the schedule as “AWS Foundation Sponsored Performer” if you want to make a point to support them.

While these above features go beyond basic accessibility, you can also count on the standard features such as ADA restrooms and parking and ASL interpreters. Taste of the Arts is a festival for everyone. We hope to see you there this Saturday!